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PB GK Pro Glove Wallet

Special Offer 

£ 7

Our PB GK Pro Glove Wallet features a large main zipped compartment will comfortably store 4 pairs of Adult sized GK gloves.


It also features a handy smaller rear compartment which is perfect for storing essential items such as GK sun caps and hand towels.


Your PB GK Glove Wallet is ideal for keeping your gloves stored safely and in perfect condition. 



PB Pro

gk cap


Our PB Pro GK Cap features a large front peak in vibrant red, white, blue colourway with detailed PB GK Gloves logo embroidered on the front.


Also featuring a handy velcro fastening strap on the rear meaning the PB Pro GK Cap is suitable for adults and children as one size fits all


The PB Pro Cap is perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes on those bright sunny days



Special Offer 

£ 7

Dont get caught cold !!


Our PB GK Wooly hat is perfect to keep your head warm on those cold days/evenings training sessions.


Bright royal blue in colour and with the embroidered PB GK Gloves logo on the front.


Suitable for adults and children as one size fits all.






wooly hat


Special Offer 

£ 7

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