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Glove Personalisation Available

Interceptor White Yellow Neg

​Our Interceptor Solar Negative Cut model features the latest 4mm Supersoft AquaGrip latex palm,  with our NEW double wrap around ​thumb ensuring maximum latex contact on the ball. ​
Offering a classic all white AquaGrip 4mm palm  our Interceptor Solar Glove features our NEW ComfortFit embossed latex embossing making it our most comfortable glove to date.

Why Negative Cut ?

Simply put, negative cut gloves provide a more snug fit/feel around the fingers compared to the Warrior Cut style. This is due to the way the palm is stiched internally to the backhand of the glove.

Our negative cut glove still offers the same great full latex contact on the ball as the Warrior Cut style, due to the full latex coverage on the inside gussets of the fingers.

The ergonomically designed fingers allow

a natural flex around the ball whilst maintaining consistent latex coverage and grip when catching. ​
The full latex wrist strap features an embossed Interceptor

opening tab to limit palm damage on the wrist strap velcro.


The AquaGrip latex used in this glove provides superb grip in all conditions but excels in wet conditions

Interceptor Solar Negative Cut:​

• AquaGrip Negative Cut Fingers       
​• 4mm SuperSoft AquaGrip Latex Palm
• Double Wrap Around Thumb    
• Interceptor Rubber Opening Tab
​• Ergonomic Ribbed  Fingers     
• Elasticated Latex ComfortFit Wrist Band
​• 3mm Full Latex ComfortFit Backhand

Junior Sizes 4-7...... £22

• Adult Sizes 8-10...... £26

Interceptor White Yellow Neg Palm.png
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