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Take a look at your gloves. Are they clean? Is the palm latex on the fingers and palms worn or dried out?​ Do they actually fit properly?

Having a good quality pair of goalkeeper gloves can make all the difference to a goalkeepers performance.

A poor or worn pair of gloves could mean the difference between you catching a shot or dropping it at the attackers feet
or the ball slipping through your fingertips.

Worn latex on the fingers and palms is normal but will eventually lead to extreme loss of grip and possibly even finger or hand injuries
due to the lack of padding and support.  
















Pre Wash

During the manufacturing of your gloves they will have been treated with chemicals to preserve the SuperSoft latex. You must pre-wash your gloves prior to using them to 'activate' the latex. Pre-washing will also extend the life of the latex.



For optimum performance from your gloves, make sure they are clean and the palms moist before use. Do not 'drench' your gloves as this will result in reduced grip.


During the Match

If possible use your training gloves for he warm up and change into clean gloves for the match. In dry weather conditions try to keep your glove palms slightly moist and avoid your palms coming into contact with the dry ground as this will damage the SuperSoft latex. In wet weather conditions, keep a towel in your goal and dry them to prevent them becoming soaked.


After the Match

Hand wash your gloves as soon as possible in cool water.....even if they appear clean. This will remove any dirt and soil built up dring the match and will also remove any perspiration and unpleasant odours. Carefully wring out the excess water, then leave the gloves to dry naturally.



Never store your gloves palm to palm. The SuperSoft latex will stick together and become damaged when you need to separate them.

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